Yarrow Supported Living Services ‘Outstanding’!

Yarrow Management Team

We are delighted to announce that, following a recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), our Supported Living Services have been awarded a rating of ‘Outstanding Overall’. The inspection rated the Services as outstanding in three of five areas: caring, responsive and well-led. This is wonderful news for Yarrow and for the people that we support!

Our Chief Executive, John Crawford, said:

“We are deeply proud of our achievement. Only 2% of adult social care providers in England receive an ‘Outstanding’ rating from the CQC. This award is a huge recognition of the hard work, dedication and commitment of our managers and staff to ensure the support we provide every single day remains safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. We would like to thank all of those who helped to make this achievement happen; our managers and staff, the people we support and their families and carers, our Board of Trustees, and our local partners and Commissioners.”

Joan Sterling, the Registered Manager of Yarrow’s Supported Living Services, added:

“I am thrilled with the outcome as it recognises not only the effort of the staff, but also reflects the high quality of care and support provided across the services. Being awarded “Outstanding” ratings in Caring, Effective and Well-Led from the Care Quality Commission is an amazing achievement for Yarrow as an organisation, the people we support alongside our staff. This recognition is a real boost for everyone and is a true reflection of our hard work, dedication and commitment to supporting the people in our care. We need to continue to improve the services we provide and ensure that we maintain this high standard of care.”

Our Supported Living Services support a total of 74 people living in their own homes across four London boroughs. In order to make the report, an inspector from CQC visited seven of our 25 supported living settings. The inspector spoke with the registered manager, Joan Sterling, as well as some of our service managers, deputy managers and support workers, and our Chief Executive.

The report explains why the CQC gave the ‘Outstanding’ rating. We’re really proud, because the CQC’s findings highlight our focus on supporting people to live their own lives. We are passionate about giving people the right support so that they are fully involved in the decisions that affect them. We support people to access new opportunities, learn new skills, grow in confidence and really flourish.

The inspector found that the people we support are empowered by our service:

“People using the service were supported to develop their independence and be involved in every aspect of running their homes. Person-centred planning was well established in the service. People worked with staff to identify their goals and to achieve these, including being able to develop their interests and undertake activities and holidays of their choice.”

The report also recognises the progress we have made with our new model of developing skills, Active Support. Our team was trained in this model by the Association for Real Change. Active Support encourages reflection on how we can encourage greater independence. We are working to move away from the ‘hotel model’ of care, where people are passive recipients. The approach is making a real impact on people’s lives:

“People were encouraged to look at risks positively to develop their independence and there was a systematic and skilled approach to developing independence and giving people ownership of their daily routines. […] In several areas, we saw examples of how an active support model had resulted in people taking the initiative to start a particular task, which gave people more ownership over their days.”

The report goes on to praise the variety of activities on offer:

“Activities were varied with an emphasis on community involvement and self-expression, including sport, art, video projects and music. People also had individual projects which reflected their own interests and were encouraged to develop these and take ownership. […] We saw examples of how people were supported to meet their goals to improve their social inclusion. In several cases this involved supporting people to create links with their cultural communities. Goals were broad and ambitious, and reflected people’s wishes to improve their health, develop their independence and undertake new activities.”

The inspector also spoke to some of the people that we support and their relatives:

“People and their relatives told us that they were treated with kindness and respect by staff and we saw examples of extremely positive interactions. People had a good rapport with staff and knew them well and were confident in approaching managers for advice or to share news […] A person using the service told us, “I talk to the staff, they listen. They keep me safe” and another person said, “I love it, I’m very close to the staff here.” Comments from relatives included, “[My relative] loves where she lives; it’s everything she needs and everything she wants” and “I see the staff with them, they’re very patient and kind.””

We are passionate about getting to know the people that we support and their families and friends well, so that we can best support them to live their own lives. We’re extremely proud that the CQC report reflects this.

There are many more wonderful comments throughout the report, which you can read in full at the CQC website here: www.cqc.org.uk/yarrow.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our contact details if you would like any further information about our services.

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