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If you are a caring and compassionate person, come and be part of the Yarrow family as a support worker, bank worker or volunteer.

You don’t need experience: your attitude and commitment to the role are more important.

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Rewarding job

Deputy Manager
Arjun joined Yarrow as a support worker, quickly becoming a Key Worker and then a Deputy Manager.

“I love working with service users to achieve their aims. I even accompanied one gentleman on his first flight in a light aircraft: a wonderful experience. I don’t think there’s any other job where people wait at the door for you when you get back from annual leave! It’s so rewarding.”


Learning experience

Kris has been a volunteer with our Opening Doors project since 2016.

“I regularly support a group to play accessible sports like Wall Ball. I hadn’t heard of Wall Ball before but it is like squash but you use your hand instead of a racket! I have had the opportunity to take part in free training which has improved my skills. I have learnt a lot from volunteering and it is a great chance to meet new people.”

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Open minded

Support Worker
Nathaly is a recent recruit to Yarrow, having joined as a support worker from a retail background.

“I had no experience of working with people with disabilities before so I came in with an open mind. The job is not just turning up to do the hours and going home, it’s learning about other people and learning about yourself. The team is so helpful and supportive, it’s just been great!”

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