A Spring trip to Portugal

Choosing and booking a holiday is something we all enjoy: imagining ourselves swimming in that pool or sipping a smoothie on that beach!

Anthony, Clive and Stephen share a home, and this year decided they would like to take their first holiday together. Clive and Anthony have travelled together before, but this was the first time that Stephen had joined them.

After weighing up the options, they chose a villa in Albufeira, Portugal for their trip. With lots of local attractions and great places to eat, it was the perfect spot. They travelled this May with their support workers, Tim and Godfrey. The villa was right by the sea and even had its own pool too!

Clive getting ready to try the pool at the villa!

From the moment they arrived, the friends kept busy. As well as visiting the sea front and exploring the local town, they ate at lots of local restaurants. The pizza was singled out for particular praise.

The food was great – and the beer

They also took a trip to a spa for a fish foot pedicure – although they all had second thoughts on arrival and only Tim took the plunge!

Stephen not so sure about the fish pedicure

Anthony also visited the bullring to learn more about bullfighting. In Portugal the bullfighters ride horses among a group of six bulls. They don’t kill the bulls, but flag them instead. For Anthony, the funniest part was watching some tourists take part in a challenge to get a free drink – the catch being the they had to get past the bull first…

Outside the bullring

One evening they all went to a local bar and everyone got on the dance floor and sang along to the hits from Grease. This was one of the best evenings of the holiday – and they have lots of fond memories of this night.

A night on the town

The holiday flew by, and all too soon it was time to return home. Thankfully they have an album full of snaps to remember it by. Everyone agreed that it had been a great trip and they would love to come back one day.

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