The Gate features in The Face!

We were delighted earlier last month to have The Face write about The Gate, our local arts centre in Shepherds Bush. They spoke with several artists there who told them about the positive impact attending the centre has had. They also talked to Arlo Yates, manager of The Gate, about how they’re coping with the lockdown, and what measures they’re taking to ease the effects of isolation on their artists.

The Gate is home to artists of all varieties, from musicians to designers and filmmakers, and this piece really captures the diversity of the work that we do there.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The Gate’s day-to-day running is a little different than that of similar organisations. Being a permanent space, it works as a drop-in centre. People can come and go as they please and do whatever they like unrestrained by the time limits usually placed on peripatetic groups which rely on loaned spaces. Given this freedom, projects tend to be led by the artists at The Gate and staff are employed to facilitate and support their work. Although this laissez-faire approach can feel chaotic, it’s clear they’ve got a system that works for them. You just need to get onto their wavelength.”

Check out the full article here

We were also featured in a recent Guardian article about artists raising morale and money duing Covid-19 – you can read that here.

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