Sarah makes strides to improve her health

One of the ladies that we support, Sarah, has had diabetes for a number of years. She has regular health checks to monitor her blood sugar and help to keep it stable. Last year with the support of her team she decided to take part in the Diabetes UK One Million Step Challenge, and work to improve her fitness and her diet to improve her health.

The One Million Step Challenge is all about getting more active and helping to raise awareness of diabetes. In addition to this, Sarah and her team took a look at her diet, making some changes to the things she regularly eats and drinks. Giving up chocolate was one of the hardest parts for Sarah, as it is one of her favourite treats! She now does a weekly shop and has made lots of changes to healthier options, for example switching to sugar-free biscuits and sugar-free cola. She also enjoys low-fat yoghurts. She tries to eat more of her favourite fruits and vegetables, including bananas, satsumas, peaches, sweetcorn and marrowfat peas – and luckily is still allowed her favourite, mashed potato.

A holiday to Ireland to visit her family and friends last year could have derailed her efforts but in fact, Sarah doubled down and decided to do even more steps while she was away! Here are some of her holiday photos – Sarah wore a step-counter band to check up on her progress:

Sarah’s holiday snaps

At home she also enjoys her twice-weekly chair exercise class helping to keep her active.

In recognition of all her efforts, Sarah was awarded with a medal in the Diabetes UK One Million Steps Challenge. It now has pride of place on her bedroom dressing table!

She was really proud to receive it and we are really proud of the efforts she has made to improve her health. Well done Sarah.

You can find out more about the One Million Step Challenge here: Diabetes UK One Million Step Challenge. Sarah is looking forward to taking part again this summer.

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