Planning Live: A roaring success!

Friday 15th February saw the first of our three Planning Live sessions. We are so excited to start this next phase in working towards supporting people to manage their ISFs (Individual Service Funds). Planning Live is an innovative approach that we were trained in by Helen Sanderson Associates. After putting it to the test in a pilot stage we are now fully implementing the approach to help us to ensure that everyone we work with is getting the right support.

Planning Live team gathered around a table discussing ideas

Planning Live is a part of our Direct Your Support initiative, which is firmly focused on coproduction and making sure that the people we support have involvement in every part of their life. Planning Live is about gathering together the people we support with their circle of support, including their support workers, family and friends, and other professional people that they know.

Planning Live working on ideas with my family

The idea is to take time to really explore what each person thinks: what matters to them, what they enjoy, what is working well – and what isn’t.

Across the three Planning Live dates we’re gathering together in total 55 of the people that we support in Hammersmith and Fulham and spending a full day exploring their talents and contributions; what makes them tick, what they enjoy and their aspirations. Armed with pens and stickers and sticky notes, a facilitator helps to keep everything on track – and plenty of tea, coffee, juice and biscuits and a very tasty lunch keep our energy levels up!

Planning Live listening to each other

Together we look at everything that matters and that is important to the people that we support. How do they want their life to be? We’re asking questions like “What do people like about me?”, “What is important to me?” and “Where do I like to go?”. Not only that, but we’re building a picture of everyone’s unique gifts, talents, and the resources that they can share. This will guide us as to how best to support each person to take their rightful place in their community.
With the insight we gain at Planning Live we will work together to create a Plan Book for each individual. This includes a picture of “My Perfect Week”: how they would like every day to be, from morning into night-time.

We were hugely impressed with the energy and enthusiasm at our first Planning Live event: so many ideas and so much fun! It was wonderful to see the people we support fully engaged.

Direct Your Suport Planning Live poster

We would also like to thank the family members and friends that came along, it was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to have their say and work together. And of course, thank you to everyone within Yarrow that worked to make this day such a success. We’re excited for the next two Planning Live days coming up later this month!

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