New kit for The Gate – thanks to Prod!

Earlier this year, Yarrow Board member, Prodromos Sarigianis, ran the Edinburgh marathon to raise money for our community arts centre, The Gate. The Gate was in need of some new music equipment. The music sessions are really popular and, as you can imagine, the equipment gets some very enthusiastic and exuberant use, so it needs replacing on a fairly frequent basis.

Prod was keen to do what he could to help make sure that The Gate musicians could keep jamming, composing, performing and recording new music. He offered to help fundraise by running the Edinburgh Marathon. This was a wonderful and very generous gesture: running a marathon is a huge commitment and a big physical challenge. Not that there was ever any doubt that he would succeed! Prod is an experienced marathon runner and put in plenty of training and preparation before the big day.

We’re delighted to announce that Prod raised a staggering £4,062 in total!

This wonderful donation has enabled the Gate team to buy a Pearl drum kit, two Orange Crush amplifiers and two guitar pedals.

They have also bought the Final Cut Pro video-editing software which will mean their videos look and sound even more professional in future.

Members of The Gate have expressed their gratitude to Prod in the way they do best: with a video and a song!

And if you want to see the joy the new drum kit is already bringing, check out their recent video drama, “Drumming Up Trouble”. We’re fairly confident it will be the first time you’ve ever seen nine people play the same kit at the same time! And don’t worry, no Charles were harmed in the making of this video:

Our sincere thanks to Prod. This equipment will make a real and lasting difference to our video production and music performances and recordings at The Gate.

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