My new flat

Last year, we wrote about how one of our teams supported people through change when the time came to move home.
Leon was one of the people who moved to a new flat. He talked to us about how the move went, and how he is settling in:

“When I first heard I had to move I was worried. I thought ‘Oh no, what am I going to do?’. I liked my old flat. I had lots of questions and wrote down lots of lists to show to the staff. I talked to them a lot. I was worried about packing my things, and if the internet would work. I wrote lists about what I can do: cleaning the dishes and the bathroom and that sort of thing.

The first place we went to see I didn’t really like because it was small. It was just a bedsit. The second place I liked straight away. I said “I think this is it!”. It has a bedroom. And I know my way around there and the bus to get to the station. I felt okay about moving there.

When we packed I had ten boxes. I put labels on them. My new flat has two rooms and a balcony. I like the view, and watching the lights at night. It was all painted nice when I moved in.

Another thing I was worried about was my pet goldfish, Sweetie. I have had Sweetie for a long time. I sat with his tank on my lap in the car and had to say sorry when the water was splashing! Sweetie watches the TV with me – he comes to the front of the tank when the football is on.

Judith from my last place came to my new flat for two hours a day for two weeks after I moved in. I liked that.

I like my new place. It’s nice and quiet. I don’t have to take turns watching the telly. When I first moved in there was no internet but it works now.

Christmas was really good, we got presents and had a good dinner. The new staff are nice and I know some people’s names.

I still talk to the people from my old house. I’m happy about the move.”

Leon was fully involved in the process of moving home, and this was really important to help him prepare. He had lots of opportunities to ask questions and have his say in the decisions that were being made. We’re so pleased that Leon has settled in to his new home and is enjoying his life there.

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