JAMAICA!! take over Cafe OTO

On an otherwise rather average Wednesday in early January, something quite out of the ordinary happened: JAMAICA!! took over Cafe OTO, a performance venue for creative new music in Dalston, East London.

JAMAICA!! are a band of musicians from Yarrow’s The Gate community arts centre. As a collective they use vocals, percussion, noise machines, saxophone, bass and any other instruments they can to create amazing music.

Leon is a member of the band – on this occasion he way playing keyboard, among other things. He wrote a review of how the evening went, and you can read it in full here. As Leon rather modestly puts it, it was good!

You can also watch a video of the event via The Gate’s YouTube page here:

The gig was a huge success – so much so that the band have been invited to perform at the Counterflows festival in Glasgow in April. An enormous round of applause to everyone involved.

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