JAMAICA!! on tour in Bristol

In early March The Gate’s improvisational performers JAMAICA!! travelled down to perform live in Bristol. They were on the bill at The Cube cinema and arts centre alongside Triple Negative and Rhodri Davies with the Viridian ensemble:


Jason, Leon, Richie, Josh and Charles performed on stage using guitars, tapes, electronics and a harp.

They really enjoyed the performance, with Richie saying, “I think Bristol was good. When we were doing the mixing thing it was good. What Leon was doing with the guitar was good and Josh was good on the harp.”

Thanks to The Cube for their support, and well done to everyone that took part, helping to spread the word about the amazing creativity at The Gate and of the learning disability community in general!

You can read more from Jason and Richie at The Gate’s website and you can view a video of the performance below:

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