What people really want: implementing ISFs in Hammersmith & Fulham

Planning Live team gathered around a table discussing ideas

Earlier this year we held our first Planning Live events, as part of our approach to support people to manage their ISFs (Individual Service Funds). We gathered together the people we support in Hammersmith and Fulham with their circle of support, including their support workers, family and friends, and other professional people that they know. We then spent time really exploring what each person thinks: what matters to them, what they enjoy, what is working well – and what isn’t.

Darren Kirby, Yarrow’s ISF Development Manager, has been going through the output from these sessions for the next part of implementation: writing up support plans for each individual. Darren has found this to be really inspiring, and shares this update on the process so far:

Darren Kirby, ISF Development Manager

“We are three quarters of the way through looking at the output, and this has allowed us to see for the first time what the people we support in Hammersmith & Fulham really want.

It is truly inspiring to see what people are saying about that they want and the clarity in the way it is written. There are a few people who want to do things at home as a way of relaxing such as baking cakes and painting but the overall message is that people want to be out doing things. There are a lot of people who want to learn new skills, from everyday useful things like literacy and numeracy to being able to being able to cook involved dishes using fresh ingredients from around the world. There are some who would like to use a computer to others who would like to make their own jewellery.

People want to be active: they want to play sports, as well as attend it. There are quite a few people who want to go and watch their local football team, Queens Park Rangers, and there are some that already do so. Perhaps they can go together when the new season begins?

There are people who want jobs and people who want to volunteer to do meaningful things. There are people who want to find somewhere else to live and others who want to recruit their own staff. There are people who want to create opportunities to go out and meet new people, others who would like to be in a relationship and two who would like to marry.

People are telling us they want to visit their families and there are people who want to follow their religions.

People are making it very clear about what they want and Yarrow is getting ready to help people to work towards fulfilling their dreams for the future.”

We’ll be sharing more about the process of implementation in summer, so watch this space!

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