Holiday tales!

At Yarrow we support people to flourish by giving them the opportunity to develop their interests and skills. This in turn builds confidence, which is essential for people to take more control over their own lives. Building trust is another vital element. Sometimes it can take years to build a relationship and enable a person to take that first step to try something new. But when they do, it often opens many other doors too.

We’d like to share Caroline’s story. Caroline has been living at one of our supported living services since 2011. She was very happy at home but had refused to go on holiday since 2012. She was anxious about staying away overnight. From time to time Caroline’s support workers would suggest the idea of a break away, but each time she said she did not want to go.

However, more recently Caroline has built up a wonderful rapport with one of our bank support workers, Clementine. This year when we asked Caroline if she would like to go away, she said yes – but only if she could go with Clementine, and nobody else! This was a real step forward, so, along with her Care Manager Pauline, Caroline and Clementine set about finding a holiday that would engage and excite her.

Caroline loves music and dancing. She has some fabulous moves and knows the words to songs from all different eras. Together we found a one week break at Butlins that included 70s disco nights at the weekend. This seemed like a perfect fit for Caroline, with plenty to do and lots of dancing on offer!

The holiday was a great success. These photos say it all: form her broad smile it is plain to see that Caroline had a ball:

Caroline outside the Butlin's entrance
Caroline arriving at Butlin’s
A photo of Caroline and Clementine at the Butlin's Pavilion
Caroline and Clementine

She even met a celebrity! Here she is with Clementine having their photo taken with Ray Lewis from The Drifters:

A photo of Caroline and Clementine with Ray Lewis
Caroline and Clementine with Ray Lewis

In Caroline’s own words, the holiday was: “Perfect! And made me feel so happy”. In fact, she has already asked when she can go again.

The trusting relationship that Caroline and Clementine developed meant that Caroline felt confident to try something new. Making sure that we kept asking Caroline if she would like to go on holiday, and giving her the opportunity to change her mind, made all the difference. And getting to know Caroline really well over the years also meant that the team were able to find a holiday that ticked all of her boxes.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Caroline, and we hope you enjoy your next holiday adventure, wherever that may be!

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