Finding love and friendship

The people we support enjoy socialising with their friends and taking part in activities in their community, and many also want to be in a relationship. Last year Caroline told her key worker, Pauline, that she would like to find a boyfriend. She was interested in meeting someone who likes the same things as her so that they could go out and do things together.

Pauline enlisted the help of Helena at Happily Dating, a family-run dating and friendship project for adults with learning disabilities and autism that operates in the West London area. Together with Caroline they created a dating profile and Helena began to share this with potential good matches.

After a short time, Caroline heard that a man named Steven had seen her profile and would like to meet with her. Caroline was a little nervous to meet him at first, but she was also excited. After taking some time to think about it, they decided to meet at a familiar local cafĂ©. The date was set for Valentine’s Day, and Caroline was supported on the day by Clementine, who knows Caroline very well. This helped Caroline to feel more confident and overcome her nerves.

Steven and Caroline hit it off straight away. They enjoyed coffee and cake and discovered that they have a lot in common and are both very adventurous. They both wanted to see each other again, and have since been for lunch together and a trip to a museum.

Steven has nothing but kind words to say about Caroline and Caroline likes Steven very much too. They are now boyfriend and girlfriend and looking forward to many more adventures together.

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