Egg-citing times at Yarrow!

Earlier this month we received a very exciting delivery at one of our supported living services in Hammersmith & Fulham. The manager, Martyne O’Reilly, had arranged a duckling hatching kit!

The day the eggs arrived was so exciting. We knew that they should hatch out within the next few days, so anticipation was running high. Jenny settled down to keep a close eye on the eggs in the incubator, eagerly waiting for the first signs of movement.

We didn’t have to wait too long! Just the next day, the first cracks appeared in an egg, and everyone watched in wonder as the duckling began to hatch. It took a lot of effort, and the duckling was quite tired when it first emerged. It spent a little time in the incubator to rest and warm up.

Over the next day all of the eggs hatched, until we had four beautiful fluffy ducklings to care for! It was hard to believe that they had ever fitted inside their eggs. They all cuddled up close together and kept each other warm.

They were adorable, full of energy and really active! Everyone enjoyed getting to know them, stroking them and learning how to hold them safely.

When they were a few days old, we filled up a small paddling pool for them so that they could have their first swim. This was great fun – they took to it like, well, ducks to water! It was incredible to see their instincts kick in and work out how to swim straight away. As you can see in the photo below, they also grew a lot in their first week!

Hatching the ducklings was a wonderful experience for us all. Everyone felt so happy to watch as they took their first steps, ate their first meal and then took their first swim.

We were a little sad when it came time for the ducklings to go home, but happy to know that they are going on to a happy life. It was great to be there for the start of their journey, and a perfect way to mark the beginning of Spring.


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