Yarrow supports people with learning disabilities in London, helping them to flourish and making sure they have an active role in society

Our values

  • Caring
    We care deeply about the people we support
  • Trustworthy
    We build trusting relationships with the people we support and their families
  • Committed
    We never give up on anyone, no matter how complex their needs
  • Creative
    We look for creative ways to support people
  • Fun
    We enjoy life and celebrate our achievements

On 1st April 2020 Yarrow joined the Certitude group

  • Dignity
    We treat people as individuals and respect their wishes and preferences
  • Independence
    We support people to take informed risks in order to learn new skills and to achieve their full potential
  • Rights
    We are passionate about people’s rights and we speak out when these rights are infringed
  • Inclusion
    We want people with learning disabilities to have access to the same opportunities as non-disabled people
  • Choice
    We always listen to what people want and we act on their choices

Meet Yarrow’s Leadership Team and our Board