A walk on the wild side!

People holding a small snake

Opening up new experiences and opportunities is something we are passionate about at Yarrow. Trying new things supports people to develop their confidence and expand their interests so they can really flourish. We’re always looking out for new activities to try, and one recent addition has proved particularly popular.

One of our supported living services has signed up for Animal Experience visits courtesy of Wild Science. The Wild Science team brings live animals and insects to centres such as schools, nurseries and nursing homes for people to meet and handle. Many adults with learning disabilities have had little contact with animals, so a chance to get hands-on like this is really exciting.

Wild Science’s friendly and knowledgeable team were brilliant at making sure that everyone felt confident and got involved – including the staff! On their recent visits they have brought along a snake, a guinea pig, a rabbit, a lizard, a tortoise and a frog, as well as centipedes, millipedes and cockroaches. It was a real menagerie!

Stroking a grey rabbit
Luca strokes the lovely soft rabbit!
Karen and Salifu meet a tiny tortoise

Everyone was fascinated by the animals and all were very gentle with them too. The rabbit was particularly popular – it is so soft and lovely to stroke! We also learnt a lot about the animals, including how to handle them carefully and what they like to eat.

Holding a small snake
Gilbert holds a beautiful snake
Stroking a guinea pig
Toksi with a friendly guinea pig

On the most recent visit, a couple of friends from other nearby houses joined in too. It was a great chance to get together and share the experience.

Lizard crawls up man's arm
A lizard on Toksi’s hand
Tiny green frog on a hand
Paul holds a tiny green frog

The visits have been a great success and we are all looking forward to the next one we have booked for Autumn.

You can find out more about Wild Science at their website here: https://wildsci.co.uk

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